Planetary gear box for crane truck crawler crane excavator rotary drilling rig

High strength lifting planetary gear box for crane truck crawler crane excavator rotary drilling rig

Product Introduction

Our company design and manufacturing of planetary gear box is walking mechanism, slewing mechanism, engineering machinery equipment hoisting ideal driving devices, including walking, turning, with complete captive series gear box products, adopt advanced, seriation, modularization and standardization can adapt from main engine working condition is very bad.Suitable for truck crane, crawler crane, excavator, pile machine, rotating drill motion and rotation and rotating device.Walk/lifting gear box is composed of two level and multilevel planetary transmission, bring their own working “parking wet multidisc brake, instrumentation type hydraulic motor can be directly installed on the gear box;Rotary gear box by wet multidisc parking brake, multi-stage planetary gear transmission mechanism, and the output shaft of three parts, can be equipped with hydraulic motor according to need;Hoisting according to user requirements configure advanced double broken line casting reel, supporting parts, lifting gear box installed directly inside the drum;Gear box configuration high-strength bearing system, high reliability sealing systems, brake seal the use of special design, ensure the safety of using flexible;The gear surface hardening treatment, internal gear after quenched and tempered and surface hardening treatment;Adopt the international first-class imported high-precision processing equipment and heat treatment equipment, to ensure good manufacturing quality products, ensure product excellent bearing capacity and reliability;Gear system adopts the transmission chain whole precision design, using advanced 3 d design software, system simulation and optimization software, spare parts finite element analysis and optimization software;Gear box design with FEM (eu standard) L2T5M5 drive group as a benchmark;Applicable environment temperature range for gear box design – 20 ℃ and 40 ℃

Product advantage 

Modular structure of planetary gear box ,high strength, complete series products;
The structure is compact, multi-stage planetary gear parallel or serial design;
Simple installation, convenient maintenance and oil change;
Configuration capacitor type parking brake safety device;
High efficiency, low noise and long life;High bearing capacity of bearing system and reliable sealing system;
According to the demand for matching all kinds of hydraulic motor drive or motor drive;
According to the need to matching drum and its supporting structure.
Product Parameter


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