Hoisting Machinery


Hoisting Machinery

DHHI is the largest enterprise specialized in design and manufacture of the hoisting machinery in China, and was acknowledged as “The Largest Designer and Manufacturer of Crane in China” by the State Council. Its products can be divided into more than 500 types, and over 1,200 specifications; many products gain the National Science and Technology Progress Award or the National New Product Award. The DCW brand overhead traveling cranes and gantry cranes gain the honorable title of Chinese Famous Brand, and the 20,000 t bridge crane created a Guinness World Record of the Highest Lifting Capacity. The state-of-the-art DHQD08 series general-purpose overhead traveling cranes have already been put into mass production.

1.Special Overhead Travelling Crane for 20000t Petroleum Drilling Rig

2.Shipbuilding Gantry Cranes (5-1000t)

3.DHQD Compact Overhead Traveling Cranes (10-125t)

4.Low Headroom Overhead Travelling Crane (160-800t)



5.DQQD Overhead Travelling Crane with Hook(5-1200t)

6.Overhead Explosion-proof (isolation) Crane (5-65t)

7.50+50t Double-girder Gantry Cranes

8.Handling Bridge (5-40t×40-50m

9.Door Opener (125-500t)

10.Half Gantry Crane (5-100t)


The main products cover all types of special-purpose hoisting and conveying machinery and equipment such as 5-20000t overhead traveling cranes, 5-1000t gantry cranes, a full range of cranes for metallurgic plants (including 50-480t ladle cranes, 10-250t charging crane, 7.5-35t claw crane, all types of 15-100t tongs cranes, all types of 5-100t cranes with lifting beams, 10-320t quenching cranes, 32-550t forging cranes, cranes for non-ferrous metals, electrolytic aluminum [copper], baking unit, etc.), door opener, aeronautics and astronautics, etc.

1.Ladle Cranes (50-480t)

2.Charging Crane (20+20-110+110t)

3.Claw Crane (7.5-35t)

4.Tongs Crane (15-100t)

5.Beam Magnet Crane (5+5-32+32t)

6.Forging Crane (32-550t)

7.Ingot Tongs Crane (5-60t)

8.Quenching Crane (10-320t)

9.Electrolytic Aluminium Aggregate

10.Electrolytic Copper Aggregate


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