Crane for Nuclear Power Station

Crane for Nuclear Power Station

DHHI takes a dominant position in developing and manufacturing the polar cranes in China with a market share of over 75%. With the independent intellectual property rights in the second generation plus of polar cranes, DHHI has manufactured the third generation of AP1000 and EPR polar cranes for nuclear power plants through the digestion and absorption of technologies from the foreign countries. DHHI is capable to supply 250/100 +10 t, 217 (205)/10 +190 (205) +5t, 300/25USt and 320 +35/5t polar cranes for 300,000 kW, 1,000,000 kW, 1,250,000 kW (AP1000) and 1,750,000 kW (EPR) nuclear power stations. Up to now, DHHI has provided the polar cranes for the nuclear power projects of Chashma in Pakistan, Lingao in Guangdong, Hongyanhe in Liaoning, Ningde in Fujian, Fuqing in Fujian and etc. and the types of lifting equipment for nuclear power station has covered the cranes in reactor building, steam turbine building and pumping station as well as the lifting devices in nuclear island and conventional island, such as fixed and stationary slewing cranes for handling heavy load and large piece at terminals.
217/10 +190 +5t Polar Crane in Nuclear Power Station
800t Fixed Slewing Crane
Refueling Machine of Fuel Transfer System


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