High quality Loading and unloading ship machine speed reducer

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Since mid 1970s, DHHI has been committed to the development of port machinery, economic development center awarded by the state council “, China’s largest ship unloader production enterprise “.Enterprises with independent intellectual property rights of large port machinery, for the world’s ports has made a lot of quayside container crane, rubber-tyred container crane, railway container crane, all kinds of ores, cement, grain and other bulk grab ship unloader, continuous ship unloader, ship loader, doumen machine, multi-purpose portal crane, port loading and unloading equipment. the design and manufacture of the port loading and unloading machinery is widely used in power plants, steel mills and the bulk of the pier.Companies with foreign famous manufacturer from joint manufacturing, the imported technology, independent development, design, has accumulated rich experience in design and manufacture, design for different users produced 500 ~ 3000 t/h of operation in the form of ship unloader, 500 ~ 6000 t/h rotary and rotary machine shipment.Companies design and manufacture of outfit, ship unloader, loading and unloading process can be implemented to the automation or half automation program control, and has the advanced electric control technology such as fault self-diagnosis.Reducer, relying on the advantage of group in the ship unloader industry since the 1970 s has been committed to the port bulk material handling machinery developed with reducer, reducer can design and manufacture of 500 ~ 2500 t/h of operation type ship unloader reducer, 500 ~ 6000 t/h rotary and rotary reducer of ship unloader.


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