High performance gear box for rolling mill

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       DHHI, the production of steel rolling equipment has more than 40 years of history, has a complete set of design, manufacture of middle and small section and wire mill and hot rolling strip mill of production ability and rich experience, for masteel, taigang and Thailand that empty too steel mills such as domestic and international numerous steel rods and bars complete sets of equipment.Since the 1990 s, and further make a breakthrough on the plate rolling technology, for utilizing the furnace roll mill, benxi steel 1700 mm hot rolling mill production line transformation, the lai steel 1700 mm hot rolling plant, tangshan ultra-thin strip project provides a number of products and complete sets of equipment.Successively developed tanggang 1700 roughing mill district six roller equipment, steel 12003 cold rolling mill units, cold rolling stick flat units, cold-rolled slitting for heavy volume, hebei dedicated steel of 3000 mm thick plate shearing unit, liuzhou iron &steel group co.are presented.the 2032 mm coiling area equipment, hisin 1500 mm strip equipment etc.Sinovel dalian heavy industry general reducer is the national designated factory production mill reducer, cooperate with SMS company since 1986 has made the domestic first for our machine of decelerate of hard tooth face mill, after 30 years of innovative design concept, optimize the manufacturing process, successively for domestic and foreign each big steel companies provide including bar, wire rod, the broadband, sections, sticks, HSM, tens of thousands of sets of gear box and so on, the cold rolling gear box products.


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