Harvesters with the wheel planetary reducer

Product Introduction

The working environment is complicated for mine equipment and there are demanding requirements for mainframe products. The supporting gearbox products we provide for coal mining and transporting equipment are characterized by high-load carrying capacity, stable operation, strong work durability, etc. and are able to adapt to different complicated working conditions, which are favored by domestic and foreign coal-mining enterprises. We have developed and manufactured the 110t, 220t, 240t and 400t series non-road dumper wheel-side reducer for mine use. In which the 400t mine vehicle wheel-side reducer is the domestic first set and world largest mine vehicle wheel-side reducer, which has bridged a gap in localization.

Cutting, traveling reducer’s telescopic part for tunneling machine

Coal-mining machine’s rocker arm, traction gearbox

Scraper conveyor’s gearbox

Non-road dumper wheel-side reducer for use in mine

Vertical grinder gearbox for slag


Wheel side gear box is installed on the tramcar wheel rim, through the motor to harvester powered. Wheel side gear box by a two-stage or multi-stage planetary transmission, using advanced design concepts, using advanced three-dimensional design software, simulation analysis and optimization calculation software of spare parts optimization design. Wheel side gear box gear and bearing design life are 60000 hours, designed using ambient temperature – 40 degrees Celsius degrees to 50 degrees Celsius.

Product features:

compact structure

Strong carrying capacity,

Smooth transmission

Strong anti impact ability

High reliability

Technical parameters

Type of gear box :Planetary

Max input speed:3500rpm

Max Output torque:1500kN.m



Working environment:-40-55℃


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