Coke oven machinery

Coke oven machinery

DHHI has experiences of more than 50 years in design and manufacture of metallurgy and mine cars. It is technically powerful and has made remarkable achievements, and is the metallurgy and mine car manufacturer with the longest history, the most complete variety of products, the most advanced technology and the widest product range. DHHI can produce over 700 types of metallurgy and mine cars, including mainly the molten iron mixing cars, cars and bottom-opened cars under converter and electric furnace, pneumatic dump cars, electric flat cars etc., which have been developed into serial products.

  1. 350t Barrel-type Molten Iron Mixing Car
  2. 300t Molten Metal Transfer Car
  3. 376t Torpedo-type Molten Iron Mixing Car
  4. 540t of Steel Receiving Flat Car

5 .Desulfurizing Molten Iron Ladle Car



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