Stacker & Reclaimer

Stacker & Reclaimer

Stackers and reclaimers are types of continuous bulk material handling machinery. They are widely used in Ports, Mines, Metallurgical Plants, Electrical Power Plants, Coal, and Chemical Industries.  DHHI designs and manufactures rocker and gantry type stacking and reclaiming equipment, with a capacity of 100 to 15000 t/h.



Since 1967 when its first bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer was manufactured, DHHI has accumulated rich experiences in the design and manufacture. It provides the customers with a variety of large bulk handling equipment, including bucket wheel stacker-reclaimers, stackers, reclaimers, and blender-stacker-reclaimers, and its design and manufacturing level has become the world-leading. The bulk material handling system is generally applicable to port yard, power plant coal conveying system, steel raw material field, mining field, etc. According to different types of application and user requirements, this Company offers different yard solutions, including open yard, round yard, square yard, silo, etc.

1.Bucket wheel reclaimer:

1,000t/h ~ 6,500t/h (coal)

1,000t/h ~ 1,5000t/h (ore)


1,000t/h ~ 7,200t/h (coal)

1,000t/h ~ 15,000t/h (ore)


Stacking: 1,000t/h ~ 7,200t/h (coal)

1,000t/h ~ 1,5000t/h (ore)

Reclaiming: 1,000t/h ~ 6,500t/h (coal)

1,000t/h ~ 15,000t/h (ore)

4.Circular Scraper Stacker-reclaimer


Stacking: 1,000t/h ~ 6,000t/h (coal)

Reclaiming: 1,000t/h ~ 4,000t/h (coal)


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