2MW wind turbine gearbox

Product Introduction

      We are the earliest enterprise developing and manufacturing independently MW class wind power gearboxes in China, As a leader in the wind power transmission field, we have the experience in wind power gearbox and yaw & pitch drives R & D, manufacturing, have provided over 12,000 sets of various wind power products for ten plus countries and regions cumulativelyover ten years development,through constant innovation and optimization, we have developed and manufactured the 750KW-6MW series wind turbine gearboxes and yaw & pitch drives with independent intellectual properties.Under the authorization of the Ministry of Science & Technology of the State in 2011, the “national engineering and technical center for wind power transmission and control components” was established.

We are the first domestic wind power gearbox manufacturing enterprise obtained GL certification. Our products have passed successively 20 plus design, production and safety certifications such as GL, DNV, Dewi-OCC, TUV, CE, etc.

Product advantage
 In design, the operating conditions of the wind units are considered sufficiently to calculate and analyze the parts and components carefully. The products are characterized by being light in weight, compact in structure, high torque carrying capacity, being reliable in performance, etc. and suitable for wind sites with different grid frequencies, wind scales, natural environments. 
Our Company

          Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1914 and well-known as “mother factory” in Chinese mechanical industry, is a large, key and backbone enterprise in Chinese equipment manufacturing industry and one of the top 500 in the mechanical industry in the world, the group was wholly listed in 2011 at Shenzhen with the name of “Dalian Heavy Industry”.

The subordinate General Reducer Works and Special Transmission Equipment co., Ltd. are the core manufacturing enterprises in the gear transmission field of the Country. Taking the gear transmission technologies, products, services as core and integrating R & D, production, sales and services, taking “differentiation, high-end and internationalization” as the development strategy and insisting on the development direction and objective of “green, energy conservation, environmental protection, efficiency”, provide products and services to global customers in such fields as wind power, metallurgy, hoisting, engineering machinery, mine, transportation, marine engineering, etc., the continuously upgrading of technical level, product quality, service ability allow us to have fulfilled the change from a manufacturing type enterprise to an innovative type enterprise.

Detailed Images

DHHI Germany and China R&D Cooperate Design

There is an internationalized team consisting of 200 plus technical people providing globalized technical services.
The disciplinary directions cover such six major subjects as mechanics, mechanical engineering, mathematics, physics, material, chemical, etc.
Follow personalized demands and provide differentiated services in such links as conceptual design, detailed design, computing analysis, analog simulation, etc.

System, on the same international track in the processing

Holding such a quality guideline as “product innovation, process being subject to control, service being high in quality, customer being satisfactory”,  In the process of product design and manufacturing, the company  insists on such a quality philosophy as “full coverage, zero tolerance” and promotes the quality management and control in the whole process and all links from customer demands to product realization.

Our excessive demands for details are near perfection. We emphasize the forging of each detail, promote 6S management comprehensively and perform the whole process of quality control. raw material purchase,manufacturing process, packaging and shipment, etc.; we are human centered and insist on safe production, energy conservation and efficiency improvement and keep on deepening the zero tolerance quality awareness of the employees.


Our Service

1) Provide to customers the before-sale services for such information as products, technologies and business, etc.;
2) Provide to customers the services during sales for information linkage and communication in the production process;
3) Provide to customers the after-sale service in such aspects as technical support, technical training and failure handling, etc.
4) Establish complete customer service files, revisit customers regularly and know the service demands of customers initiatively.
5) Provide online gearbox operation state inspection and test, analysis service for customers, and monitor products on real-time basis.
6)The high-quality professional service team with a high quality and super strong adaptability is able to handle failures and feed back information at the first time.
7)The service network taking China, India, Germany and Brazil as the bases provides timely and convenient services to the global cooperative partners.

Packing & Delivery

Packaging Details:
1. Unpainted surface are to be coated or package to prevent corrosion or damage.
2. Packaged in to a wooden boxes or other ways for the protection.
3. Suitable for the air or sea.
4. For forging parts: rust resistant, nylon strap, steel strip and wooden pallets or wooden case.
Delivery Detail: 30-90 days


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